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Why football embraces migrants
For Bayern Munich, helping refugees isn't simply a moral obligation it's good CSR.

Playing the woman: Healy and Kyrgios expose sport's sexism problem
If a misogynistic atmosphere is allowed to prevail in men’s individual and team sports, then all the platitudes about sport being a socially positive force stand

Debunked: four myths about women’s football
The progressive march of women’s football offers a refreshingly different FIFA story from that which has dominated the headlines over the past few months.

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1997 AFL Draft Reorder: Pick 11-20
Back in July, I reordered the top ten of the 1997 draft based off what we know of these players…
Antetokounmpo puts league on notice with win over Celtics
Days after reigning finals MVP Kevin Durant stated that Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo has potential to be the best…

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